AYLUS Conestoga Students Volunteered Creative Time at Zummo Bike

15 AYLUS volunteers from Conestoga High School donated time to improve Zummo Bike shop by decorating windows displays. ALYUS students help Zummo promote sustainable transportation and the beauty of cycling by decorating the exterior.

The environmentally themed paintings consisted a bike and scenery on the front left window, flowers and grass on the front right window, a large tree with clouds and hot air balloons on the side window, and some info about the shop on the side door. These pictures will help Zummo advertise bike refurbishing and rentals.

Great thanks to AYLUS(The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States)

To learn about AYLUS click here: http://aylus.org/2023/03/24/aylus-main-line-volunteers-at-zummo-bike-3-17-2023/

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