Preparing for Covid & flu season & pictures

Please wear a mask. We don’t want anyone to get sick and miss school or work!
If you can limit your group to no more than 4, great! When we go outside to bike test,
it’s ok to “mask down” especially for pictures!

Balance Bikes?

If you have toddler, read about “balance bikes” HERE

Joan (pronounced Jo on) will even get your student helping with tire inflation and seat adjustment. He’s helped deliver mire than 200 bikes in the last couple of years. Please introduce your student to Joan, he’s the best!
In case your young person is just learning how to ride a bike, we’ll want to fix your student up with a balance bike. Over the last couple of years of serving up bikes, we have found that our students have gotten up and running much faster on a balance bike! If your want to learn more, Google “balance bikes”.

Where do Read to Ride students come to pick out and get fitted for a bike and helmet?
Visit the Zummo Community Bike Shop during the following hours:
Saturday: 9 until 3:30
Sunday: Noon until 3:30
Wednesday & Friday, 1 until 6.
Be sure to bring your reading & writing homework with you.  Also, consider creating your thank you letter on a separate piece of paper along with a lil bit of artwork. Do real good work with your thank you letter and you will earn an accessory for your bike.
By the way, all assignments with thank you letters get sent out to our donors. 
If you need to reach us, please send a text to 610-616-5430.
Does my child need to come to the pickup?

Absolutely! Your child has earned this reward and it will be a big day for them. They will pick out their bike. We get it adjusted just for them – and even teach them how to pump up the tires!

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we’ll cover everything one year. If it’s a more difficult repair, we’ll lend your bike to use for the short term.

Need a helmet?

Helmets are available in our shop. Time permitting we will help get a perfect fit – and have a little talk about how important a helmet is.

See our Repairs page for “fixing” info
Who Donates Bikes?

Trek Bike Shop / Gateway
Perkiomen Bike
Earlton Bike
Haddonfield Rotary
Pastor Paul Seedfeldt
Friends that grow out of bikes